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Studio Policies / Dress Code

SAFD enforces certain policies and dress codes to provide an organized, professional and pleasant atmosphere and dress codes to provide an organized, professional and pleasant atmosphere for both dancers and parents. Each level of ballet classes age 3 through level IV is assigned a different color leotard to differentiate levels, with level V and VI wearing black and intermediate, advanced dancers wearing a tasteful leotard of their choice. Refer to our dress code policies below for your dancers' leotard color as well as requirements for modern, tap, musical theatre and jazz.

Dress Code:


Ballet Classes: Leotard (purchase leotard at Studio Arts)

Age 3, 4, 5: Cotton long sleeve pink leotard

Age 6, 7: Black Reflections camisole

I: Light blue Reflections camisole

II: Lavender Reflections camisole

III: Periwinkle Reflections camisole

IV: Burgundy camisole

V & up: Black Leotards

Pink tights, pink ballet shoes

No skirts or tutus allowed in class or attached to the leotard.

Modern Classes: Black tank or camisole leotard, black footless tights or black tank unitard, barefoot

Jazz Classes: Solid color any style leotard & jazz pants, black jazz shoes

Tap Classes: Black tank or camisole leotard, black tights or black tank unitard, white socks, black tap shoes

Boys: White t-shirt, black sweats or shorts, black ballet shoes



All hair must be worn off of the neck so the instructor may see the alignment of the neck and spine. No ponytails are allowed in class.



All classes missed may be “made up” in the same level class or a lower level class. The student is encouraged to make up missed classes.



If the student is over 15 minutes late, they will only be able to observe the class and schedule a make up class. This will ensure their physical safety, as most injuries are attributed to improper warm-up.



Absolutely no food, drink, smoking or chewing gum will be allowed inside the building. There is a water fountain for the dancers in the lobby. This policy must be enforced to prevent spills and insects within the building.



STUDIO ARTS will be observing the following holidays:

Labor Day, Thanksgiving day and weekend, Christmas holiday (December 20-January 7), Spring break (March 14-18).


Snow Days:

Classes will be canceled only if roads in West Knoxville are impassable. There will be a recording on the answering machine at the studio giving details about any necessary closings due to the weather conditions.


If the dancer or parent has any questions regarding these policies or regarding the instruction, please do not hesitate to talk with your instructor.


Thank you for enrolling your dancer with Studio Arts for dancers. We would like to ask all students and parents to follow the policies outlined above, enabling us to provide quality dance instruction to all students. Thank you for your cooperation.